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Field Day 2014

Five Turkey Buzzards Circling

All photos 2014 Field Day compliments of Bob Barker, K9BNR.

A Successful Field Day

Field Day Site Officer:  Greg Niles, K9GJN

Safety Officer, Logging, Satellite,Public Information Officer -  Al Homan, KC9QQO

Message and GOTA Officer----------------------------------------------- Brett Johnson, K9BY

Emergency Power Officer------------------------------------------------- Lyndon Opdyke, WA9JLD

FD Data Submission Officers--------------------------------------------- Brett Johnson, K9BY, Al Homan, KC9QQO

Food Officers (Saturday 6:00 pm)--------------------------------------- Luci Cramer, N9FYT, Carl Cramer, W9BJ

Get On The Air (GOTA) Station Officer-------------------------------- Conrad Herold, W9DL

Category 3A; we used three operating positions using emergency power.

We used the station call W9PN, Extra Class.

Band Captains:  1  Bret, K9BY, Greg, K9GJN:  20, 40 meters

                            2  Doug, W9PN:  40, 15 meters

                            3  Carl, W9BJ:  80, 15, 10 meters

Antennas:  20 meter 3-Element Beam, 40 meter Vertical, 80-10 meters G5RV Doublet,

                        10-15 meter 2 elements per band Beam, and others.

Logging of contacts was computerized at each station using the PC program N3FJP FD Logger.

See You Next Year!

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