GBARC Virtual Meeting Room is the link to the GBARC virtual meeting room.

Club meetings will be held virtually meeting until further notice.

The virtual meeting room is also open Wednesday evenings from 7:45PM - 9PM for rag chew.

Field Day 2010

June 26-27, 1:00 PM Saturday - 1 PM Sunday.   Early set-up Friday evening and Saturday morning.

BARC Field Day Co-Chairmen Greg Niles, N9GJN,  Al Homan, KC9QQO,  and Kevin Christ, KC9PZI "spear-headed" our efforts.

Electrical Power- Portable 117 VAC Gasoline Generator:   Lyndon, WA9JLD

Master Chefs:   Rich, KC9RTF and Jim, KA9VHG

Band Captains:   Carl, W9BJ - 80 & 40 Meters SSB,  Doug, W9PN - 20 Meters CW & SSB, 40 Meters CW,  Dave, N9GQ -15 Meters QRP, Al KC9QQO, Kevin, KC9PZI, Bob, N9HCN - 10 meters SSB,  Jim, KA9VHG  ???

Propagation:    Increased sun spot activity for the Field Day period inproved the MUF (Maximum Usuable Frequency) which allowed numerous contacts on 10 and 15 meters.    We had a nice article about our club Field Day in the Beloit Daily News.  We rated this Field Day as very successful.

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