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Field Day 2009

We had a successful simulated emergency communications activity.

Thanks to all that participated in any way; we had a lot of fun.  A special thank-you to those who dropped by for support. 

You are appreciated.    A few new hams visited; one was a new licensee for two days.

Photograph Credits:  Most of the following photographs are courtesy of Paul Monroe, W9MEH.

Field Day is the premier activity for our club; where we have the largest interest and participation.

Janesville Fire Chief, Larry Grorud, has again approved the use of the Fire Department Training Facility, 3000 N. Parker Drive or County Road F, Janesville, for our Field Day Activities.

(This area is Rock County property and is north of Janesville; please see the map below.)

Indoor restroom facilities are provided.  Doug Speer, W9PN, reports this week that there is a renewed blacktop surface and a clean area for our operations.  An informal inspection of the area will be conducted Friday evening at 7:00 pm.  


The location will be unlocked and ready for equipment set-up at 8:00 am Saturday morning.  The operating time period will begin from 1800 UTC (1:00 pm CDST) until Sunday, 1800 UTC (1:00 pm CDST); a time period of 24 hours. Take-down of antennas and equipment will commence after the contest ends.  Take-down and departure should be completed by 4 pm, approximately.


IN 2008, we operated in the 3A catagory:  three active stations at any one time and all using emergency power.

A normal station set-up:  tent, table, chair, lamp, communication radios, antennas, ground connection, computer for logging and/or operation, water and snacks, and auxiliary equipment (bed).  (Last year, we had intermittent rain and wind storms over the Field Day activity.)  Food and drink should be planned for; we will have a "community-style" meal prepared for Saturday evening.  Richard Falk, KC9OAH, has volunteered to be in charge for the evening meal.


Electrical power will be provided by the B.A.R.C.-owned gasoline generator and maintained by Lyndon Opdyke, WA9JLD.  "Old Betsy" has a very good track record for providing clean, dependable power at 117 V.A.C.   We provide long, heavy duty power cords to each location; but each station must provide their own multi-socket power strip.   A 50 foot, heavy duty extension cord is recommended.  Also, solar power and batteries have been used successively for QRP, low power operation; anyone for wind power?


We are permitted HF contacts on 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meters.  We may use all the VHF/UHF bands as well.  (Field Day operation is not permitted on the 60, 30, 17, or 12 meter bands.)

We will use the same FCC-assigned amateur call for 2009 for all stations, W9BJ.  (This is the same as last year.)

W9BJ is an Extra Class license with full operating privileges.


Band Assignments:

    Captain for   6 meters, all modes:  Donn Ambrose, K9DA

    Captain for 20 meters, all modes:  Doug Speer, W9PN

    Captain for 40 meters, all modes:  Greg Niles,   K9GJN

             Greg, Bob Barker, K9RIJ, and Ed Green, KC9GTB will emphasize low-power digital modes such as PSK31.

    Captain for 80 meters, all modes:  Carl Cramer, W9BJ  (Carl's wife, Luci, N9FYT, may assist set-up.)

    Some operation is contemplated on the 15 and 10 meter bands.

Volunteers for other Band Captains are requested.

Ivan Makovec, W9AFW, will supervise and help out with the set up activities on late Saturday morning.   Ivan is our most Senior Ham operator.

Whether you are Field Day veteran or a first-timer, there will be ample opportunities to help with set up.   For any one wanting some operating/logging experience or training, nothing beats having time On The Air.     

Additional assignments will be announced on this website.  All BARC hams are encouraged to participate in some function; even a few hour of showing up and joining in is personally valuable for the learning experience.  For our newer members, Field Day is an excellent crash course about antennas, band conditions, and operating.  If you like to camp, make plans to join those of us who stay on-site for the two day (24+ hours) event.

Come out and support your club.   Bring a friend or family member.

Field Day Coordinator:  Carl Cramer, W9BJ          W9BJatARRL [dot] net

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