GBARC Meeting Minutes August 2023

Meeting Date: 
August 7, 2023
Meeting Location: 
Beloit Public Library 605 Eclipse Blvd., Beloit, Wisconsin 53511

Virtual Presence: 0, In-person: 10

Brett K9BY – President

 Lyndon WA9JLD – Vice President

Dean K9FLO – Secretary

Greg K9GJN – Treasure

Chuck WD9BB – Officer

Secretary Report:

Dean-K9FLO read the minutes from our June 5, 2023, meeting.      Recommended for Approval by Greg-k9gjn, seconded by Chuck-wd9bb.          

Treasurer Report:  Greg-k9gjn reviewed the status of the Club funds including club insurance, two members paid dues and added one new member.     The State of Wi fees went from $10 to $25 dollars (inflation).     Field day exp:  $66.20 food/supplies and $92 for meat.   A motion to approve by Lyndon-wa9jld and seconded by Chuck-wd9bb.     

Old Business:    

Field day results: 1300 points plus 750 bonus points total 3350.    Results were about the same as 2016.      Brett-k9by reviewed the results and concluded conditions (weather), and radio propagation was not very favorable for the Field Day.      We had a very bad weather situation (winds, lighting, and rain) Saturday night and spent all our time protecting the equipment, securing the tent sides, and holding down the tent.      It was decided we will replace the tent and floor for next year’s Field Day.           Brett-k9by gave an overview of the points system and discussed ways of picking up more point and trying different ways of accruing points.     Brett-k9by discussed different changes to the Sat. sys for next year and hardware changes.     Brett-k9by will update the numbers and is also looking for pictures to post on our club web site.      ARRL is dropping the QST printed magazine from your regular membership, QST on line will still be included with your regular membership and QST print will be a stand-alone subscription.     We discussed this year’s layout and some of the interesting events/happenings from last year’s Field Day event for Cletus-kd9nzj.       Chuck-wd9bb committed to how we have learned from our past experiences and applied it to our next Field Day event.       Foxhunt this Saturday 8/12 starting at 10am and the Fox could be anywhere in Rock County.     More clues may be given near the end.     Brett-k9by had a discussion on different ways and approaches to the hunt.



New Business  

Ed-kb9nbp the Races coordinator, Danell-n9sol has retired from her races position so there is a need for a replacement.    Races will be going back into hibernation.     The Tuesday night 145.45 net will be the Information Net and we need volunteers for the net.     There is a script on the GBARC site.     Jim-kd9gdy will be available for Wednesday night net.      Chuck-wd9bb, Andy and Greg-k9gjn got Jennifer’s radio, tower/antennas system back on the air.    Jim-kd9gdy inquired about CFMC Hamfest September 24, suggested contacting Kurt-ke9n.      Our loss of Sk Gene-ka9bod brought the question about monies for flowers, cards.    Greg-k9gjn suggested limiting our gifts to cards.    Chuck-wd9bb card would be good but the flowers from the club were very nice at Mary’s visitation.     Dean-k9flo said we could do donations for example: Vets roll or other organizations.     We need to change the rules/constitution to allow the Board to have funds available for small procurements such as for a SK: cards, flowers, donations.     We could have a need for parts, electronic items, fees, food such as our (winter, summer) Field Day event and  maybe set a $100 cap.     A discussion followed  of what changes may be needed to the constitution and update the officer election guidelines if needed.     Chuck-wd9bb if something happens (SK) they/we should notify the Secretary can send out a card to the appropriate person.     Brett-k9by making a motion to send out a recognition to the SK family.    Brian-kd9qvb motion and Jim-kd9gdy seconded.      Library meeting room expired this month.       Next meeting will be September 11, October, November pending on Library Room available.     Winter meetings will not be held Dec, Jan, Feb, will be vacation time.       Dean-k9flo suggested if we could have the For Sale Sign flash on the GBARC web page when something is listed, Brett-k9bb will check into.    

  Meeting to adjourned at 8:15: pm.

Motion to adjourn by Brett-k9by seconded by Greg-k9gjn.

Program:  None

Next Meeting will be September 11, 2023. 

Secretary: Dean-K9FLO


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